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The following information was obtained by research from other web pages, magazines, and alot of hard and frustrating hours of playing Mortal Kombat III. This page is intended for the PC version of MKIII. I hope you enjoy the help, though you've probably already seen it all!

The key is as follows: D=down, U=up, F=forward, B=back, HP=high punch, LP=low punch, HK=high kick, LK=low kick, BLK=block, R=run (duhhh!)

Please note, all characters are in alphabetical order. Also, please note that fatality and animality instructions are at bottom of page.

Keep in mind that there are also controlers that you can use to play MK3 instead of the keyboard. I use a PCPropad4. It works great. Keep in mind also, that the fatalities, babalities, moves, etc. are harder to do with a controler than the keyboard.

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Kombat Award

Codes Before Loading MK III.

If you're tired of the same old fighting try these on for size! The following numbers are to be typed at the command line before starting the game. (ex: c:\mk3\mk3 9966)

666 Smoke is enabled
1995 Players are invisible
603015 Slow motion mode
12345 Tall fighters
8888 Phat fighters!!
1111 Small fighters in the air
54321 Small fighters on the ground
831 Sihlouette fighters
9966 Backwards fighters
8000 Turbo mode
1000000 Play with Motaro or Shao Kahn
831 Dark ghost mode
4862222 Do a Mike Tyson (left right....SEE YA!!)

Verses Screen Codes

This screen is where it normally shows 6 MK pictures at the bottom of the screen. The numbers represent the number of times each player hits their LP, BLK, and LK buttons. The first three boxes are for player one and the second three are for player two.

033-000 Player 1 has 1/2 life
000-033 Player 2 has 1/2 life
707-000 Player 1 has 1/4 life
000-707 Player 2 has 1/4 life
101-000 Player 1 heals
000-101 Player 2 heals
303-303 Both heal!
202-000 Player 1 weakens
000-202 Player 2 weakens
404-404 Both weaken!
552-000 Player 1 takes double damage
000-552 Player 2 takes double damage
552-255 Both take double damage. WWWWHATTT!
985-125 "Psycho Kombat"
969-141 Winner fights Motaro
769-342 Winner fights Noob Saibot
033-564 Winner fights Shao Kahn
205-205 Winner fights Smoke
972-279 Time Disabled
348-279 Slow Time
978-243 Multi-Powers
642-468 Remember Space Invaders or Galaxian? Try this!
100-100 Throwing is disabled
020-020 Blocking is disabled
987-123 Whole screen is visible (no timer, life, etc. it's hidden)
282-282 "No Fear"
123-926 "No Knowledge That Is Power."
987-666 "Hold Flippers During Casino Run."



Teleport: F D BLK
Net: B B LK
Bomb (close): Hold LK, B B HK
Bomb (far): Hold LK, F F HK
Flying Throw: D F BLK, then LP to throw
Fatality 1: D D U D HP
Fatality 2: D D F U R (close)
Babality: F F B HP
Friendship: R R R U
*Pit Fatality: R BLK R
**Animality: U U D D (close)


Missle: B F HP
Double Missle: F F B B HP
Gotcha Grab: F F LP
Slide Punch: F F HK
Ground Slam: Hold LK for 3 secs
Fatality 1: Hold BLK, U D F U, Release BLK (close)
Fatality 2: R BLK R R LK (far)
Babality: D D D LK
Friendship: LK R R LK
*Pit Fatality: D F D LP
**Animality: Hold LP, F F D F, Release LP (close)


Fireball: B B HP
Hyper Run: B F LK
Ground Saw: B B B R (hard to do with a control pad)
Fatality 1: D D B F BLK (sweep distance)
Fatality 2: R BLK BLK BLK HK (close)
Babality: R R LK
Friendship: R LK R R U
*Pit Fatality: BLK BLK HK
**Animality: Hold HP, F F D F, Release HP (close)


Choke Hold: D to F LP
Knife Throw: D to B HP
Knife Uppercut: D to F HP
Leg Drop: BLK in air
Fatality 1: Hold LP, F D D F, Release LP (close)
Fatality 2: LP BLK BLK HK (sweep distance)
Babality: F F D D LK
Friendship: LK R R HK
*Pit Fatality: U U B LK
**Animality: Hold HP, BLK BLK BLK, Release HP (close)

Kung Lao

Teleport: D U
Hat Throw: B F LP
Spin Twirl: F D F R
Fatality 1: F F B D HP (sweep distance)
Fatality 2: R BLK R BLK D
Babality: D F F HP
Friendship: R LP R LK
*Pit Fatality: D D F F LK
**Animality: R R R R BLK (close)

Liu Kang

Flying Kick: F F HK
Low Fireball: F F LP
High Fireball: F F HP
Bick Kick: Hold LK for about 5 sec. and release
Fatality 1: F F D D LK
Fatality 2: U D U U R+BK
Babality: D D D HK
Friendship: R R R D+R
*Pit Fatality: R BLK BLK LK
**Animality: D D U (sweep distance)


Bow & Arrow: D to B LP
Ax Uppercut: D to F HP
Shoulder Bash: F F LK
Shield: B B B HK
Fatality 1: U U B F BLK (close)
Fatality 2: B B D HP (about 1/2 screen away)
Babality: F B F B LP
Friendship: R R R D (far away)
*Pit Fatality: R R BLK
**Animality: F F D D (close)


Missile: F F LP
Homing Missile: F to B HP
Teleport: F F LK
Fatality 1: F F F B BLK (about 1/2 screen away)
Fatality 2: LP R R BLK (sweep distance)
Babality: B D D D HK
Friendship: R R R R D
*Pit Fatality: R R R D
**Animality: F F D U (close)

Shang Tsung

1 Flame: B B HP
2 Flames: B B F HP
3 Flames: B B F F HP
Ground Fire: F B B LK
Fatality 1: Hold LP, D F F D, Release LP (close)
Fatality 2: Hold LP, R BLK R BLK, Release LP (close)
Babality: R R R LK
Friendship: LK R R D
*Pit Fatality: U U B LP
**Animality: Hold HP, R R R, Release HP (sweep distance)

Jax: F F D LP
Kabal: LP BLK HK
Kano: B F BLK
Kung Lao: R R BLK R
Liu Kang: Full 360 (F D B U F)
Nightwolf: U U U
Sektor: D F B R
Sheeva: Hold LK, F D F, Release LK
Sindel: B D B LK
Sonya: D+R+LP+BLK
Stryker: F F F HK
Sub-Zero: F D F HP


Ground Stomp: B D B HK
Teleport: D U
Fireball: D to F HP
Fatality 1: R BLK R BLK D
Fatality 2: F F B D HP (sweep distance)
Babality: D F F HP
Friendship: F F D F (pause) HP
*Pit Fatality: D D F F LK
**Animality: R R R R BLK (close)


Levitate: B B F HK
Ground Fireball: F F LP
Air Fireball: D to F LK
Scream: F F F HP
Fatality 1: R BLK BLK R+BLK (close)
Fatality 2: R R BLK R BLK (sweep distance)
Babality: R R R U
Friendship: R R R R R U
*Pit Fatality: D D D LP
**Animality: F F U HP


Ring Toss: D to F LP
Leg Grab: D+LP+BLK
Square Wave Punch: F B HP
Rising Bicycle Kick: B B D HK
Fatality 1: Hold R+BLK, U U B D (far)
Fatality 2: B F D D R
Babality: D D F LK
Friendship: B F B D R
*Pit Fatality: F F D HP
**Animality: Hold LP, B F D F, Release LP


Baton Lunge & Throw: F F HK
Baton Trip: F B LP
Low Grenade: F D B LP
High Grenade: F D B HP
Fatality 1: F F F LK (far)
Fatality 2: D F D F BLK (close)
Babality: D F F B HP
Friendship: LP R R LP
*Pit Fatality: F U U HK
**Animality: R R R BLK (sweep distance)


Freeze Blast: D F LP
Ice Shower: D F HP
Ice Clone: D B LP
Slide: B+LP+LK+BLK
Fatality 1: B B D B R (sweep distance)
Fatality 2: BLK BLK R BLK R (close)
Babality: D B B HK
Friendship: LK R R U
*Pit Fatality: B D F F HK
**Animality: F U U (close)


Trident: B B LP
Teleport Uppercut: F F LK
Invisibility: U U R
Air Throw: BLK in air
Fatality 1: U U F D (far)
Fatality 2: Hold R+BLK, D D F U (sweep distance)
Babality: D D B B HK
*Pit Fatality: F F D LK
**Animality: D F F BLK (half screen away)


*The Pit fatality works on Pit 3, Shao Kahn's Tower, and the Subway (as long as no one is punched up to the second floor!).
**To do an Animality a player has to show mercy! To show mercy you must let the match go into three rounds. On the third round, when it says "Finish Him/Her", move far away. At that time Hold down R for about 2 secs and hit D two times, then release R. It only takes one hit to beat the player granted mercy. Now, an Animality may be done at this time.